How to Treat an Arthritic Dog

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There are many ways to try and relieve the stress of canines caused by arthritis; one of them is by giving them a dose of glucosamine for dogs. Our pets, particularly dogs, are great companions and an important member of the family household. Yes, they may burn a hole in your pocket just by rearing them, however, the unconditional love and the friendship that they give you is utterly priceless – they would even take a bullet for you. They can serve as your guardians, best friends and stress relievers. However, as they age, they will be susceptible to all sorts of diseases, especially arthritis. Once a dog is experiencing arthritic symptoms, it is important to be able to conform to the condition it is in. Here are some of the ways on how to treat an arthritic dog:

Avoid touching the affected joints

First off, have him driven off to the nearest animal hospital and have a thorough X-ray examination (and avail glucosamine for dogs at that). This way, you will be able to locate the parts of its body and the joints that are experiencing the said ailment. After which, make sure to be able to not touch the said areas, because doing so will result into extreme pain which may cause it to make a reflexive reaction like an unintentional bite. Remember, arthritis is a condition wherein the cartilage in one or more joints are degenerating, causing them to be inflamed and pretty painful.

Avoid giving human medicines

Human medicines are made especially for humans, meaning the doses and the contents are not in any way toxic to us; dogs that consume them will definitely experience pain, which is why it is safe to give them glucosamine for dogs. Ibuprofen and Paracetamol are known pain relievers, but are actually poisonous to dogs. One dose may cause kidney problems and even death. Remember, never ever self-medicate, considering the problems that can be derived from it. Only follow the advice and prescriptions set by your local veterinarian.

Diet and exercise

A healthy diet can be taken in from dog food, just remember to give your pooch the right amounts. Avoid feeding them with fatty and oily substances like burger patties – instead, go for lean and white meat like chicken, which is rich in protein and has little fat content. An overweight dog is likely to feel the worst of arthritis. However, avoid feeding it with human food as much as possible. Also remember to have them exercise once in a while, but remember not to make them overexert as it may aggravate the symptoms instead of relieving it.

Proper medicine and supplements

Glucosamine for dogs is one of the best examples. The supplement helps out in the cartilage reconstruction; relieving pain and making life bearable. Also remember to resort to anti-inflammatory drugs but make sure to have the advice of your veterinarian.
Lastly, remember to treat your pet like a dear friend. It may not be active because of the ailment, but that does not mean that it does not love you.

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